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Car Trends for Next Year and Beyond

If you talk with car enthusiasts, they are not so much excited about the speeds and safety measures that are included with the cars that are coming out in 2017. These things are always interesting, but there is a certain level where you are not going to go beyond when it comes to speed and safety. And many believes cars are close to their limit on how much safer they can get for passengers, while speed is never going to go beyond the current levels either. But as we can see at, there are other things that really interest car enthusiasts.

One of the most interesting advances is self-driving cars. It may still sound like a crazy concept to some, but the idea that we will be able to drive cars without having to do anything is a concept that is now more mainstream than ever before. With some of the Tesla vehicles, along with the self-driving car that Google has been testing, we are entering a stage where you can easily get into a car, input a destination and simply have it take you where you want to go. Even though these cars are not mainstream, it is only a matter of time.

Some of the Teslas already have an auto-pilot mode where you are really not doing much with the car except telling it where you want to go. The car takes care of the rest. And we will have some pumps with this tech, but it is going in the right direction.

Another type of tech that is very interesting is how we are continuing to better integrate our smartphones and cars. With cars being more electronic than mechanical these days, having complete control of the car through a smartphone is an interesting concept that may be introduced more often with the new 2017 and 2018 models.