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Prepare for Your Move with Essential Packing Supplies

Don’t assume that a few boxes and totes are all that is needed for a successful move. While these items are vital for your move, it takes additional packing supplies Petaluma to get your stuff moved from point a to point b with ease and success. What kind of packing supplies do you need to have on hand when moving?


Sealing boxes isn’t easy without tape. But, don’t trust the cheap stuff you buy at the Dollar store. Instead, find high quality packing tape to seal your goods and give you peace of mind when transporting your goods.

Packing Peanuts/ Paper

Packing peanuts and paper are both essential items when packing boxes. This material safely protects glass items and breakables for a worry-free move that gets these goods from one location to the next in the same condition.

Miscellaneous Items

It seems that it is the little things that you need but never have when moving. Do not fall into such a category when it is easy to ensure they are on hand. Items that you will need include:

  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Labels
  • Box Cutter
  • Newspapers
  • Rubber Bands


When moving furniture, padding protects the edges, sharp corners, paint removal, and more. Furniture pads of all sizes are available. Be sure that you are prepared with them.

Lifting Tools

Many moving companies offer lifting tools for rental if you do not own them already. You will need a few of these items if you are not using a moving company. It is seemingly impossible to pick up a washing machine, a large dresser, etc. Without these tools to assist. Furniture and hand dollies, furniture tarps, and hitches are a few of the lifting tools that can make the job of moving far less of a hassle.